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Fathom wins Best Blogger award at DANI Awards 2019

Fathom wins Best Blogger award at DANI Awards 2019

In what could be considered our first meta blog post, we’re delighted to announce that we have been awarded the title of Best Blogger at the DANI Awards 2019.

The awards ceremony took place on 15.03.2019 and was held at QUB’s Whitla Hall. Over 60 different organisations and individuals from Northern Ireland were shortlisted across 20 categories.

The Fathom blog managed to come out on top against strong competition in the Best Blogger category from A Life To Style, The F Words, and one of our great clients, Firefly. We recommend you check out these excellent bloggers when you have a chance.

The evening had a spectacular medieval theme, complete with jesters, candelabra and entertaining video snippets. Paddy Raff kept the craic going and we think everyone would agree the catering was exceptional. Particular recognition is owed to organiser Naomh McElhatton for bringing everything together. It was a really special moment to have our blog recognised among our industry peers, and a great reward for the hard work invested by our entire team. The Fathom blog has been driving our aspiration to be user experience thought leaders since our inception in 2011, with the bulk of our content previously being produced by CEO and Founder Gareth Dunlop.

  Jim, MT and Charlotte

The DANI Awards (image owner). Jim, MT and Charlotte at DANI Awards 2019 [digital image]. Retrieved from Facebook.

Fathom team members at DANI Awards 2019

The DANI Awards (image owner). Fathom gentlemen at DANI Awards 2019 [digital image]. Retrieved from Facebook.

In late 2018, we implemented a new content strategy designed to draw on the breadth of expertise across our team, including specialisms in psychology, design, analytics, marketing and leadership (as well as good old–fashioned ranting). Early analysis of engagement with our newer blog content (Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 vs. the same period 12 months ago) shows increases of 21% more visits to our blogs, 50% more time spent (on average) reading our blogs and over six times as much social traffic landing on blog pages.

Fathom blog content

Robinson, A. (image creator). Sample of team contributions to the Fathom blog [digital image]. Property of author. 

We were joined on the night by our client BrainWaveBank, with whom we were shortlisted for our joint entry in the Best Use of Digital Innovation in Healthcare category. While we were unfortunate not to win this particular award it was great to catch up with the team at BrainWaveBank and we look forward to hearing about their continued success in the future.

Cover image attribution: The DANI Awards (image owner). Fathom wins Best Blogger at DANI Awards 2019 [digital image]. Retrieved from Facebook / Filtered from original.

By Andy Robinson

Andy was a UX Researcher with Fathom until July 2021, when he moved on to take up a role at Rapid7.

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