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Ivory towers and the need to GOOB

Ivory towers and the need to GOOB

We’ve recently instituted a nine–day working fortnight here at Fathom HQ, a change that will see our team having every other Friday off to call their own.

Having just become part of the Low & Behold family, we’re at a period of rapid growth and unprecedented change. However, our people are our greatest asset and retaining the talent that we have invested in and trained (or those who have joined us later in their careers) means helping them achieve the balance of work and life they require.

Since the change, we’ve gathered virtually and in–person at Fathom HQ and talk has inevitably turned to how we’re all making the most of our ‘extra day.’ It reminded us of this article from our founder Gareth Dunlop where he references an old saying from the design world that “no good design decisions happen in the building.”

While we’re sure we’ve made plenty of good design decisions at work(!), really those decisions took place in the real world as we experienced digital products as real–world users.

In this article, Gareth discusses the need for digital designers to GOOB (that is, to Get Out of the Building) and experience our products as our users do.

Read Gareth’s blog “Evacuate the digital building – this is not a drill” first published in November 2016 >>

By Martin Byrne

Associate – Content Marketing

Martin has 20 years of experience in digital marketing with a particular passion for quality copywriting.

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