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Getting started with Ecommerce UX

Getting started with Ecommerce UX

With the closure of high streets across the UK and Ireland, consumer behaviour is undoubtedly undergoing some changes. For some businesses, more people using the digital marketplace offers either a great opportunity or a daunting new challenge. Now more than ever, online user experience is going to be a big differentiator in the choices customers make.

In this article, we discuss how Ecommerce revolves around empowering users to complete a set of tasks. There are four task–based components that need to be built into any successful Ecommerce website, regardless of the company’s size or industry:

  • Understanding the tasks users want to complete
  • Enabling users to find what they’re looking for
  • Motivating users to complete tasks
  • Helping users to complete tasks easily

Read Ecommerce UX: 4 components of conversion, first published by Andy Robinson on 05.08.2019.

By Andy Robinson

Andy was a UX Researcher with Fathom until July 2021, when he moved on to take up a role at Rapid7.

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