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Do you really believe in user experience?

Do you really believe in user experience?

The great chasm remains between the popularity of the term UX and the quality of websites we endure on a daily basis.  How can it be that many agencies evangelize UX as part of their pitch yet the standard of websites remains so, well, so–so?

I wonder if we don’t believe in experience design as much as we claim. Or perhaps we only believe in it to the point where it doesn’t suit us to believe in it any more.

In this post you’ll learn

  • How we know Blondin believed in UX
  • The difference between believing and *believing*
  • What we must leave at the door to truly serve the user
  • What a wheelbarrow has to do with all of this?

Read Gareth Dunlop’s thoughts on Do we really believe in user experience?, first published in August 2015.


By Gareth Dunlop

Gareth formed Fathom in 2011 and has been in the business of design performance for over two decades.

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