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UX Bites #14 ‘From temporary design trends to timeless design principles’ – Video and Q+A

UX Bites #14 ‘From temporary design trends to timeless design principles’ – Video and Q+A

In UX Bites #14, we explore how we can build better digital products by embracing principles not trends. 

From temporary design trends to timeless design principles

Video: UX Bites by Fathom webinar 14 ‘From temporary design trends to timeless design principles’.  Find this webinar and more on Fathom’s YouTube channel.

Q1 How can you overcome technical difficulties? For example, if you want to change the user experience but certain elements could not be achieved because of technical parameters.

A1 To lean on the architectural analogy which we used during the webinar, all design is constrained by parameters and in fact managing design’s relationship with its limitations is at the heart of the job of all good designers.  There are a series of excellent framing and prioritisation methodologies such as the prioritisation matrix, dot voting and persona development, all of which are in place to help facilitate good decision–making related to the tension between technical complexity and feasibility, and impact on the business and the user.

Q2 How can you inspire an organisation that wants to change the UX?

A2 Helping to persuade your organisation of the importance of UX is perhaps the single most–asked question we encounter when delivering training and webinars.  It is consistent across job roles, geography and types of organisation.  We have written extensively on the topic and some of our more popular blogs on the topic are as follows:

·       Exciting your board about customer experience

·       Persuading colleagues they are wrong

·       Change the language change the culture

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By Suzie McAneney

Associate – Content Marketing

Suzie has been using words to inform, inspire and persuade for over a decade.

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