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The balancing act of combining customer need with innovation

The balancing act of combining customer need with innovation

“If we’d asked our customers what they wanted they’d have said faster horses”, the famous quote from Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, illustrates a certain point of view around customer research. It appears to diminish the relevance of seeking customer feedback or insight – but we must look at Henry Ford’s overall business trajectory to fully understand the unique balancing act of coupling customer research with innovation to solve a problem.

In this article, we explore:

  • Using customer research to define the problem
  • The gains that can be made from combining customer needs with innovation
  • How to invest and understand the needs and desires of customers

Read How UX would have helped Henry Ford, first published by Gareth Dunlop on 10.07.2018 >>

By Suzie McAneney

Associate – Content Marketing

Suzie has been using words to inform, inspire and persuade for over a decade.

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