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The joys of being wrong

The joys of being wrong

The human desire to be right can be overwhelming.  This desire however can have negative outcomes.  If we are stacking the deck to only get the feedback and answers we expected all along, how can change, progress and growth ever be achieved? 

Being wrong therefore should be part and parcel of delivering the best products possible.  Moving away from a ‘right first time’ approach however can feel like going against the grain for many organisations but creating a culture of creativity and adopting an evidence–based review approach to design can help overcome this. 

In this article we explore several ways to tackle the subconscious bias to be right, including the language of design and user feedback, and the role of digital leadership. 

Read Change the language, change the culture, first published by Gareth Dunlop 10.03.2020 >>

By Suzie McAneney

Associate – Content Marketing

Suzie has been using words to inform, inspire and persuade for over a decade.

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